Hot Working guide: A Compendium of Processing Maps   


Processing maps for hot working of a wide range of materials are compiled in the form of a reference book entitled: Hot Working Guide A Compendium of Processing Maps by Y.V.R.K.Prasad and S.Sasidhara and published in 1997 by American Society of Materials International.  Most of these maps are based on the data generated and analyzed by several graduate students and scientists working at the Processing Science Laboratory of the Department of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.  


The information given in this book is a testimony to the validity and consistency of the approach and to its applicability to the processing of very complex commercial materials including superalloys, metal matrix composites and intermetallic alloys.  The data given in this reference book can be used to design and optimize bulk metal working processes such as rolling, forging and extrusion, and achieve microstructure and mechanical property control without the need for expensive and time-consuming tiral and error methods.  Processing maps, flow-stress data and other supporting processing/property data, including optimum processing parameters are provided for more than 160 metals and alloys of technological importance.  Both conventional materials, such as steels, aluminum alloys, superalloys and advanced materials such as titanium aluminides and metal-matrix composites are covered.  Data for each material are provided in a consistent format, making the search for specific information simple and straightforward.  Microstructures, grain size and ductility variations also are provided where available (more than 600 figures and illustrations total).


Contents: An introductory chapter discusses hot workability, generation of processing maps, the concept of using processing maps in process design and microstructure control, design and manufacturing issues in relation to hot working and guidelines on the use of processing maps with illustrative examples. Nine subsequent chapters are devoted to materials families including ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, magnesium alloys, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, zinc alloys, zirconium alloys and other materials (cadmium and lead).

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