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·         How it started in 1984

·         Why are processing maps needed?

·         Previous methods of analysis; kinetic & atomistic maps (R.Raj)

·         Patents in 1984 for MMCs and billet conditioning

·         How it developed further at IISc and WPAFB

·         Publications at that time






·         Table of Contents

-          As web page

-          As an MS Word Document







·      Reviews on processing maps

·         Ph.D dissertations

·         Al alloys and Al metal-matrix composites

·         Copper and its alloys

·         Ferrous alloys

·         Magnesium alloys

·         Nickel and Nickel based super alloys

·         Titanium alloys and Titanium aluminides

·         Zirconium and alloys

·         Other materials




·         Introduction

·         Materials modeling in hot deformation

-          Kinetic model

-          Atomistic model

-          Dynamic materials model

-          Others

·         Hot deformation mechanisms

-          Dynamic recrystallization

-          Superplastic deformation

-          Adiabatic shear band formation & flow localization

-          Wedge cracking & intercrystalline cracking

-          Other metallurgical effects


·         Materials “driven” process design

·         References




·         What is workability?

·         What are processing maps?

·         How do you develop a processing map?

·         How do you interpret a processing map?

·         How do you use the technique to solve a processing problem?

·         How do you use a processing map to control a microstructure?

·         How do you use a processing map in process design?